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4 min readApr 2, 2021

Inner and Outer Landscapes: The Contemporary Sculpture Art of Tsai Wei-Cheng

Article by Chang Cheng-Lin


Tsai Wei-Cheng stands out across the realm of contemporary sculpture art in Taiwan with his exceptional personal style, creatively and aesthetically alike. Because of this, Tsai’s works will inevitably enter Taiwanese art history. Rooted in Tsai’s sentiment for the land and his imageries of the mind, the unique design of the artist’s work series gazes out towards the world while focusing on the subject. The intertwinement of sense and sensibility gives birth to vitality. Tsai Wei-Cheng’s artworks not only showcase unparalleled personality and design but also inspire the viewer to contemplate its aesthetic connotations.

2020年,勢必是不平凡的一年。也是在今年,蔡尉成完成了新的藝術創作,《風雲系列》。以坐落於中台灣、山間臺地的工作室為基地,蔡尉成與自然對話、與心靈對話,在物質與靈魂的辯證裏,將生命經驗賦予給了造型。創作的每一個過程,都體現著他對於藝術的堅持,以及深厚積蘊。從此一層面說,蔡尉成的作品是種存在的詩學。以自由作為引領,將對於內、外在世界的覺察,點點滴滴轉化成為作品的靈魂。可以這麽說,他的每件作品均是擁有縱深的生命,從而閃耀著誘人的審美光芒。一如蔡尉成曾述及,雕塑是藝術創作中的「重工業」; 在全身心的投入中,每個動作和過程,都成為作品力量的來源,也考驗著藝術家的思想與技藝高度,這些皆使得傑出的雕塑作品,顯得如此珍貴。蔡尉成長久的創作歷程和堅持,讓他成為了此種令人矚目的雕塑家,同時飽涵著當代性:在深刻的反思中,同時形塑出物質與詩意的交響。

2020 has been an unusual year, and it is during this year that Tsai completed his new work series “Wind and Cloud.” Tsai’s studio is located on a plateau in the mountains of central Taiwan. Conversing with nature and with the soul, Tsai engages in constant dialectical interactions between the physical and metaphysical, finally presenting new forms to life. Each step of the creative process is an embodiment of Tsai’s determination towards art and his deep aesthetic sophistication. From this perspective, Tsai’s works may be interpreted as poetics of existence. Guided by a sense of freedom and observations of the inner and outer worlds, these elements accumulate into the soul of the artworks. Tsai’s works manifest the profundity of life, shimmering with alluring aesthetic aura. Just as Tsai stated, sculpture is the heavy industry of artistic creation. When an artist is completely immersed in the creative process, the acts and processes become the work’s energy while challenging the artist’s thoughts and skills. Together, all of these factors give birth to outstanding, precious sculptures. Tsai’s creative journey and determination have sculpted him into a respected artist who is at the same time profoundly contemporary, capable of composing a symphony between materiality and poetry through deep reflection.


Tsai Wei-Cheng’s solo exhibition at Rich Art is themed “From World to Aesthetic Imagery,” showcasing the artist’s deep artistic temperament. Tsai delves into the natural world and into life, transforming the inspirations into charismatic designs. The clay sculptures in the early stage of the creative process symbol new conversation between the self and nature. Tsai Wei-Cheng is like an art practitioner who listens attentively to the whispers of the soul, creating an artistic genealogy that expresses eminent personality. This mastery of integrating the sceneries of the mind with the natural world is incredibly rare and highly representative in the contemporary art scene of Taiwan. For instance, work Right Here of the “Wind and Cloud” series delicately assembles dynamic representations of the human body and clouds, symbolizing how the freedom of life is like the changes and richness of the natural world. Nature is like a song, while life is like poetry; and the rhythms that the two create are essences of human beings.


Above the Rest, another work from the “Wind and Cloud” series, portrays tension-inducing hand postures that express power. The artistic body imagery expresses the artist’s experience and reflection of the world. Sculptures are silent, but rich with imagery and rumination.


The works presented in the exhibition “From World to Aesthetic Imagery” all interpret the rhythmic integration between the self, art, and the surroundings. This aesthetic conception that is rooted in life experiences and the essence of existence is the most alluring quality of the works of Tsai Wei-Cheng. Created with dirt and clay and instilled with sentiments towards the land, the works of Tsai Wei-Cheng will definitely be listed in the art history of Taiwan.



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